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    Apple Lockdown Mode: How It Works and Why You Should Enable It

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    The announcement of Apple’s new Lockdown Mode has been making the news recently. The company announced that it would add a new iOS security feature dubbed the Lockdown Mode. This function, according to Apple’s official blog post on the subject, aims to safeguard Apple customers from “extremely targeted mercenary spyware.” In this blog post, we will explain what lockdown mode is and why you should enable it.

    What is Lockdown Mode?

    Lockdown mode is a security feature that adds another layer of protection for the iPhone, especially against state-sponsored hackers and snoops. While this function may be beneficial to some iPhone users, it is nevertheless significant since it allows iOS users to manage their location data. Users who are at risk of being targeted by threat actors owing to their identity or activities, particularly those targeted by the NSO Group and other private hackers, would benefit from this capability the most. Human rights campaigners, political nonconformists, protestors, journalists, and others are among them.

    Lockdown Mode Capabilities

    When the lockdown mode is switched on, no one will be able to access your device’s data. All communications capabilities on the device will be disabled in order to do so. This includes the ability to make or receive phone calls, send text messages, or use applications that require an internet connection. To unlock the gadget after it has been put into lockdown mode, you must enter your passcode.

    Why You Should Enable Lockdown Mode

    There are a few reasons why you should enable lockdown mode if you are concerned about your privacy. First, as mentioned before, it will prevent anyone from being able to access your device’s data. Second, it will also disable all communications features on the device. This means that no one will be able to use the device to make or receive phone calls, send text messages, or use applications that require an internet connection. Finally, lockdown mode is a great way to deter thieves since it makes the device much less attractive to them. Thieves are often after devices that they can easily sell or use to communicate with their contacts. With lockdown mode enabled, the thief will not be able to do either of those things.

    When are they launching the lockdown mode?

    The Lockdown Mode will be completed in September 2022. It will be accessible on iOS 16, macOS Ventura, and iPadOS 16. Researchers will initially have access to it as a test version to help Apple find security flaws and vulnerabilities. It’s worth noting that Apple has put up $10 million for enhancing Lockdown Mode protection and $2 million for finding security bugs.

    Why is this feature controversial?

    Critics say that the new security feature could be used to stifle dissent and enable authoritarian regimes. They argue that the lockdown mode will make it harder for people to communicate with each other and organize protests. Furthermore, they assert that the mode could be abused by governments to track down and target dissidents.

    Apple has responded to these criticisms by saying that the lockdown mode is not a silver bullet solution and that it is just one tool that can be used to protect against targeted attacks. The company also stated that the feature would not be perfect, but it would make it more difficult for sophisticated attackers to succeed.

    Final thoughts

    Overall, the Lockdown Mode is a great security feature that Apple is introducing. It will add an extra layer of protection for iPhone users and will also deter thieves. If you are concerned about your privacy, we recommend that you enable this mode when it is launched later this year.



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