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    Fake Amazon Job Scam Steals Money from Victims

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    The Better Business Bureau has just issued a new warning about a fraudulent employment scheme that targets customers and drains their money. The scam begins when victims receive a  message informing them of a high-paying position they may apply for. However, there is a catch: to be employed, the victim must first pay “Enrollment Fees.” This blog post will take a closer look at the scam and how to avoid it.

    How does Fake Amazon Job Scam Works?

    The first step in this scam is that the victim will receive some form of communication from the fraudster, informing them of a high-paying job opportunity. The message may be a voicemail, text, email, or social media message. The con artist posing as an Amazon recruiter will claim that the victim has been selected for a position, and all they need to do to secure it is pay $200 in “Enrollment Fees.”

    Once the victim pays the fees, usually through gift cards or wire transfers, the fraudster disappears, and the victim is left with no job and no money. In some cases, victims have also reported being asked for additional payments after paying the initial fee. This scam is similar to other employment scams where victims are asked to pay fees upfront, but using Amazon’s name adds a layer of legitimacy that can be convincing.

    How To Spot this Scam?

    Several red flags can help you spot this scam:

    • You receive an unsolicited invitation to interview for a job with Amazon.
    • The job pays an unusually high salary, and they don’t require any experience.
    • You are asked to purchase an “Enrollment Fee” before you can interview for the job. They offer you a “guaranteed” interview or job if you pay the fee. You are asked to buy an iTunes or other gift card and provide the number to the scammer.

    If you receive an offer that includes any of these red flags, it is likely a scam. Do not provide personal information or payment to someone you don’t know. If you’re interested in a job with Amazon, apply through their legitimate website.

    How to Avoid Fake Amazon Job Scam?

    You can do a few things to protect yourself from this scam. First, remember that legitimate companies like Amazon will never ask you to pay fees upfront to secure a job. Second, be suspicious of any unsolicited messages you receive about employment opportunities, even if they seem to come from a reputable source. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Finally,  if you’re unsure whether a job offer is legitimate, you can contact the company directly to confirm.

    What to do if you have been Scammed?

    If you’ve been a victim of this scam, there are a few things you can do. First, contact the firm that supposedly sent you the job offer and tell them what occurred. If you received an email from a phony source claiming to be representing Amazon in seeking employment, send an email to This will assist them in alerting other potential victims and investigating the fraud. You should also report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. Finally, if you paid with a gift card, contact the issuer immediately and tell them what happened. They may be able to refund your money.

    Following these steps can protect you from this scam and others like it. Stay safe out there!

    Can Amazon workers call you?

    Yes, Amazon workers may call you if there is a specific reason related to your order or account, such as to verify your identity or confirm delivery instructions. However, Amazon will never ask for your personal information, such as your social security number or credit card details, over the phone. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Amazon and asking for sensitive information, it is likely a scam and you should end the call immediately. Always verify the authenticity of the call by checking your Amazon account or contacting Amazon customer service directly.

    How do I report an Amazon scam email?

    To report an Amazon scam email, follow these steps:
    Do not click on any links or attachments in the email, as they may contain malware or direct you to a phishing site.
    Forward the email to Amazon’s customer service team at This will allow Amazon to investigate and take action against the scammer.
    Delete the email from your inbox and trash folder to avoid accidentally clicking on any links or attachments in the future.

    How do I report fake text messages on Amazon?

    Do not click on any links or provide any personal information in the message.
    Forward the text message to Amazon’s customer service team at 7726 (which spells out “SPAM” on most phones). This will allow Amazon to investigate and take action against the scammer.
    Delete the text message from your phone to avoid accidentally clicking on any links or providing personal information in the future.

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